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Dragon Fruit: A Delicious Fruit Suitable for Bangladeshi Environment
Phyllanthus Acidus: Locally Known as Orbori in Bangladesh
Sharshe Illish Curry (Hilsha fish in Mustard Seed): A Very Popular Item in Bangladeshi Delicacy
  Gardenia or Gondhoraj: A Strongly Scented Flower
  Autumn Comes with the Fragrance of Sheuli Flower

Naga Morich: One of the Hottest Chilies of the World

  Dolon Chapa: A Nicely Fragrant Tropical Flower
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Sundarban: The Largest Mangrove Forest of the World
Gajni: An Unpublished Natural Beauty of Bangladesh
Dolon Chapa: A Nicely Fragrant Tropical Flower
A List of Popular Bangladeshi Newspapers and Magazines
Hotels and Guest Houses in the Saint Martins Island, Bangladesh
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Bangladesh is a country of approximately 1,44,000 square kilometer. It is situated in the south east of Asia. Bangladesh has got freedom in 1971 after an intrepid war against Pakistani army. Population is almost 160 million in such a small land area. It is one of the most densely populated countries in the world.

In this site, our primary goal will be to discover the innate beauty of this country. So let’s begin..............











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